The Best Local Playgrounds

Many of us have a small neighborhood playground nearby which we visit on a regular basis. Every once in a while, it’s nice to go somewhere different. We’ve polled our readers, and you told us a few of your favorites. Enjoy!

BUCKY BOYLE SPRAY PARK Buck Boyle Spray Park: 10 Pump Place, Allentown.  Noon-7 p.m.

This park is a perfect destination for any steamy hot summer day. This isn’t just a few streams of water squirting from the ground — this park offers some serious water-based fun.  Of course, there are plenty of fountains to run through, but also many other elements such as stationary cars which squirt water, a “kid-wash” – which kids who enjoy a car-wash will appreciate, a “gas-station” topped by a water bucket which dumps on the kids whenever it gets full, a water tower, and so much more. Great for all ages!


Cedar Beach Playground: Cedar Beach Park, Hamilton and Ott Streets, Allentown. Hours: Dawn to Dusk. cedar-beach-destination-playground 

The best thing about this playground is that it is handicapped-accessible, and was designed to overcome some of the challenges faced by special needs kids at a traditional playground. There’s something to please everyone! The normal stuff is there – slides, swings, monkey bars, etc. But what really sets this playground apart is the less common facets; interactive electronic games, a rubberized floor, a giant web to climb in, and tons of options for those who love to spin. There is something for all ages, and parents can appreciate that there are bathrooms, a pavilion, and best of all — the playground is fenced in! Make a day of it by packing a lunch and enjoying the playground in the morning, followed by swimming at the pool in the afternoon. The pool is just across the parking lot from the playground!

Emmaus Community Park: 1401 Shimerville Road, Emmaus. Hours: Sunrise to 9 p.m.

We can’t say enough about this pemmausparkark, as it offers so much! What makes the atmosphere so fantastic is that a creek runs nearby and there are many mature shade trees under which you can find relief from the sun.

The playground itself is generous in size. The kids will enjoy a variety of types of slides, bridges, and places to climb. There is also a fun little bar that slides from one side of the structure to the other, similar to a zip-line. That’s not all! The kids will enjoy hopping from mushroom to mushroom, giving their balancing skills a workout.

Also at the park are baseball fields, basketball courts, a walking trail, community pool and snack bar, bathrooms, and many pavilions which make this park a great destination for family reunions or other gatherings.

Macungie Memorial Park. 50 N. Poplar St., Macungie. Hours: 9 a.m. to duskmacungiepark

Another park with more than just a playground to offer is in Macungie. Here, you’ll find a public pool, baseball fields, basketball hoops, volleyball nets, tennis courts, covered pavilions and a bandshell which is home to many free summer concerts.

The playground boasts a large structure for bigger kids and something smaller and friendlier for little kids. You’ll enjoy tons of swings, slides, climbing, and more. And, being a larger park — there are bathrooms nearby if needed!

panther parkPanther Playground 600 W. Mill St., Quakertown. Hours: Dawn to dusk.

This wooden playground has been designed to look like a castle, which hosts somewhat of a maze to explore. Other play options include a swinging ladder, bridge, balance beams, and fire-poles to name a few. Younger kids will enjoy a section that looks like a train. Parents will appreciate the fence surrounding the playground.

Panther Playground is located within the beautiful Quakertown Memorial Park. The park offers baseball fields, tennis and basketball courts, a volleyball pit and jogging path! Also, a short walk will take you to the library or community pool. Another all-day destination!

Weona Park: Route 512, Pen Argyl. Hours: Dusk to Dawn. weona park

This playground offers the best of old and new playground elements. The new elements are typical playground finds. Slides, monkey bars, swings, a rock-wall for climbing, etc. But, what  makes this playground special is the carousel. The structure boasts colorful animals for the children to ride. (The carousel was built by the Dentzel Co. of Germantown, and installed in the park in 1923. It has 44 animals and two chariots, all of which are stationary. It is quite rare and on the National Historic Registry!)  The carousel does cost a dollar to ride, and runs Friday through Sunday.

The park itself is charming, featuring stone pillars, a stone fountain carved with a horse’s head. Nearby you can enjoy a miniature golf course, a public pool and bandshell.

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