Under the Sea


The messier, the better for these ladies.

This summer, I didn’t sign the kids up for a Mom’s Morning Out program or much else … which means I am desperate for a few kid-free hours a week to work. Staying up every night to work is all well and good, but sometimes I just want to relax once everyone is in bed. So, another mom and I decided to trade kids two mornings a week. That means, for one morning, I am responsible for entertaining 5 kids ages 5 and under!

I figure kids like anything messy, so this is the first activity I planned for them. I cooked 5 pounds of spaghetti, added olive oil and blue food coloring and dumped it into a baby pool. Then, I hid a few packs of sea creatures and squirt guns from the dollar store under the noodles. As they squished and dug through, they were able to find toys and treasures.

For the girls, this was a big hit. The boys enjoyed it too, but stayed on the outside of the pool to squish from a safe distance. As the minutes ticked by, the girls were soon jumping into, jogging (think the running man), wearing noodle outfits, and dumping water in the pool to make it even squishier.

Want to try this? Here is a tip or two: Have all your towels out so you don’t have to run in and out of the house; put the pool in the grass vs. your deck or concrete patio as the oil will saturate the surface and leave marks. Be prepared to give baths. Their skin was nice and soft from the oil, but after wearing spaghetti wigs, everyone’s hair was quite greasy.

The boys played it safe from the side.

The boys played it safe from the side.

Clean up crew.

Special thanks to the clean up crew.

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