Shaving Cream Slip and Slide



Hmmm, what to do on a hot summer morning with five kids? A sprinkler or slip n’ slide would be fine for most — but who are we kidding? Around here we like things souped up. We want things fast, fun, and we don’t mind getting messy on the way to a good time. Cue the shaving cream slip n’ slide adventure!

I spotted a $5 slip n’ slide at KMart last week so I picked it up. Don’t you just love KMart? So much less… icky… than Wal-Mart, and I don’t feel the need to sanitize my entire body after leaving the store. But I digress. I figured even if it only lasts once or twice, it was money well spent to keep the kids happy for an hour or two. Much less than the cost of a babysitter. Sadly, the only hill we have in our yard would have landed the kids in a pool of pine needles. Not such a good time for tiny hineys. Time for a little creativity… I hatched a plan to use our plastic slide to gain momentum. Water alone wouldn’t be lubricating enough, so I picked up a few cans of cheapo shaving cream.

It would be an understatement to say the kids had a GREAT time. The main event was a blast (Ok, the girls loved it. The boys were scared of the speedslide, but in their defense, they are only 3 and 2). All in  all, the kids loved playing with the water and shaving cream. It easily entertained them for two hours, and would have for even longer had I not been stingy with the supplies. As a bonus, all of the kids really enjoyed “smelling like a daddy”for the day.

Shaving-cream filled high five anyone?


Fast, slippery, and best of all…MESSY!


Again, the boys play it safe from the side stage of the main show.

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